I’ve been in love with VtM: Bloodlines ever since I’ve first played it back in new year’s eve, 2008, and the attention I could pay the details in the game could only increase gradually over time. This time, after I’ve had a 1-year-long Beatle-mania, I’ve realized that the game contained a reference to The Beatles, particularly the song of theirs called Doctor Robert.

The reference can be found pretty early in the game, in the hospital in Santa Monica, the first area in the game. In the administration PC on the first level of the hospital is the following note (regarding a “Dr. Roberts”):

Has never lost a patient. No one can succeed like Dr. Roberts.

Here’s a screenshot:

This references The Beatles song Doctor Robert, which has following lines:

If you’re down he’ll pick you up, Doctor Robert
Take a drink from his special cup, Doctor Robert
Doctor Robert, he’s a man you must believe,
Helping everyone in need
No one can succeed like Doctor Robert

The Doctor Robert in The Beatles’ song is supposedly Dr. Robert Freymann, a well-known physician frequented by many artists. He was also known as Dr. Feelgood because he used to “provided” his patients with B-12 vitamin injections which contained small doses of amphetamine, which, in the end, helped the patients “get through the night”.

The game probably contains many more references that I’ve missed, but I’ll try to post the most interesting ones that I can find during my current playthrough.