Welcome to my website! I’m Yalın, a software engineer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a master’s degree in business administration, and I currently work at EmlakJet as a full-time web developer.

I thrive in well-designed, well-architectured and technology-rich software, and I consider myself as a polyglot/language-agnostic developer since I can easily adapt to any programming language or paradigm in a short manner of time. Although I’m most proficient in web development and high-level software architectures, I’ve had substantial experience in highly-concurrent desktop application development, and I’m also very interested in video game development, functional programming and actor-based software systems (Scala, Akka, et al.). For a more detailed information about my work, feel free to request a resumé.

About the Website

This website serves as a personal blog where I post about video games, programming, and the software industry in general. I realize that at this point the blog is a little bit too short on content, but that is something I intend and hope to fix in the near future by writing more articles.

Technically, the website’s built with the static content generator Hexo, and a modified version of its beautiful Apollo theme. The source code is available on Github at ygunayer/ygcom2 for the website and content, and ygunayer/yg-apollo for the modified version of the theme.